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Paul Brocklehurst

SpecialityChairman, Land Promoters & Developers Federation

Paul has been Chairman of the Land Promoters and Developers Federation since its formation in 2018 and was the Chief Executive of Catesby Estates plc, a leading land promoter, for 15 years before stepping down in May 2020.

Before moving to Catesby he spent 19 years with the Royal Bank of Scotland where he held a number of senior positions within the Corporate Banking Division. He also worked at the Bank of England within its Banking Supervision Division.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Paul is passionate about the role of the land promotion sector in facilitating housing delivery and believes that the delivery of market and affordable housing together with its contribution to local infrastructure can play a huge role in economic development both locally and nationally.  In addition, Paul would highlight the vital role that new development can have in improving social mobility, health, and well-being, the environment as well as ensuring that the generational divide that exists in housing is narrowed. Accordingly, Paul is focused, together with other members of the LPDF team, on ensuring that the voice of the sector is heard and understood by all stakeholders in the (sometimes heated) debate on housing delivery.

Paul is also promoting a small number of sites through the planning system in a joint venture with a small south coast-based house builder ensuring that he retains a close practical knowledge of the operation and challenges presented by the planning system.

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