Planning For Housing, 12 November 2019

*Please note that the agenda is subject to change

Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Registration for breakfast briefing

Breakfast Briefing:What is Your 5 year Plan? A Look at the Impacts of the 2018 Revision of the National Planning Policy Framework, the Housing Delivery Test and the Latest Requirements to Meet the Objectively Assessed Need

Join us for this breakfast briefing which will deep dive into the findings of  WSP Indigo’s latest research on the Five Year Housing Land Supply position. Hear about the  impacts of the new provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework, Housing Delivery Test and new standard OAN and understand how these are expected to alter local authorities’ ability to demonstrate a five year supply in years to come.
Simon Neate, Executive Director, WSP | Indigo
08:30 - 08:50

Main registration

Let’s talk about the ‘B’ word- How will the UK’s departure from the EU affect housing planning and delivery?

  • What impact has Brexit uncertainty had on housing delivery?
  • How will Brexit affect skill shortages in the house building industry?
  • Looking ahead - why speeding up the planning system should be the key focus for the government post-Brexit
Brian Berry, Chief Executive, Federation of Master Builders

Panel Discussion: Putting high quality design at the heart of your strategy to increase allocation, permission and delivery

    How can the National Design Guide and the Design: Process and Tools PPG be used to improve design quality?
  • How do recent appeal decisions help define the NPPF’s design requirement?
  • Creating synergies between Local Authorities’ and Developers design expectations to speed up the permission process
  • What is the implication of the Building Beautiful Commission for planners and developers?
  • What methods are Local Authorities using to ensure high quality design of housing is secured at the plan-making stage?
  • Ensuring design quality does not drop off between permission and completion
Jane Dann, Director, Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design Ltd
Mark Skilbeck, UK Planning Director, Land and Planning, Taylor Wimpey
Kevin Parker, Groupmaster Planning Director, Redrow
10:00 - 10:30

Networking Break

Panel discussion:How to allocate, consent and deliver more affordable housing

  • How have recent policy and guidance revisions changed viability and affordable housing requirements?
  • Exploring the impact of the GLA’s 35% threshold on affordable housing delivery
  • How to conduct viability assessment for affordable housing contributions at the plan-making stage
  • Ensuring the local affordable housing need is met at the permission stage without compromising viability
John Wacher , Strategic Planning Manager-Viability, Greater London Authority
Gilian Macinnes, Director, Gilian Macinnes Associates
Philip Barnes, Group Land and Planning Director, Barratt Developments

Quickfire presentations Winning community support for housing allocation and development

  • Engaging with groups who support and oppose development to increase local backing for house building
  • Leveraging technology and social media for effective community engagement
  • Co-creating design principles with local communities to reduce opposition to development
Andrew Howard, Managing Director, BECG
Hana Loftus, Special Projects Officer, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service
Lisa Johnston, Head of Regeneration Projects, Metropolitan Thames Valley
Jon Allen, Head of Strategic Development – South, Commercial Estates Group
12:10 - 13:10

​Lunch break and Networking

13:10 – 13:45    Breakout Streams

How to get more homes allocated
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

On stage interviewHow city-regions are planning for long-term increases in housing delivery

  • How are city regions shaping future plan making?
  • What can the experience of city-regional authorities teach us?
  • Opportunities for developers: What are city-regional authorities doing to incentivise and ease development?
James Palmer, Mayor, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
Paul Dennett, City Mayor, Salford City Council
How to get more homes permitted
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

How to secure permissions for and deliver schemes that mix residential and employment use

  • Aligning mixed-use developments with wider placemaking objectives
  • Co-locating residential and employment development of former Strategic Industrial Land
  • Best practice for ensuring delivery after permission has been granted
Andy Moffat, Head of Development, Huntingdonshire District Council
How to get more homes delivered
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Best practice methodologies for public sector house building

  • What are the implications of Local Authority house building for local plan-making?
  • Navigating the pitfalls and exploring the lessons learned
  • Ensuring council-led housing strategy delivers affordable housing
  • What role can planners play in council-led house building?
Richard Cowell, Assistant Director, Development, Birmingham City Council

13:45 – 14:20    Breakout Streams

How to get more homes allocated
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

On stage interviewHow do the new breed of resident-led local political parties intend to approach planning for housing?

As part of an emerging trend, a number of resident-led local parties are challenging their authority’s local plans. In this session, you will hear why they oppose the old local plan and what they intend to do differently to meet the local housing need.
Councillor Peter Lundgren, Opposition Deputy Leader and Chairman of Communities and Economy Overview and Scrutiny Panel, North Kesteven District Council
Councillor John D Rigg FRICS, Deputy Lead for Sustainable Transport, Transformation, Regeneration and Economic Development, Guildford Borough Council
How to get more homes permitted
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Mitigating the effect of resourcing and recruitment issues within local authorities

In this session, two different local authorities will present their strategies on combating the ongoing recruitment and resourcing issues that plague the planning profession. Hear about the benefits, lessons learned and future outlook for these strategies and how they can be applied in your workplace.
Emma Bradley, Graduate Development Officer, Birmingham City Council
Alex Bushell, Manager, Development Management, London Borough of Camden
Joy Anibaba, Principal Housing Development Officer, Birmingham City Council
How to get more homes delivered
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Deriving value from modern methods of construction

  • What are the advantages of using modular homes to hit housing targets?
  • What are the challenges and disadvantages associated with this construction method?
  • Exploring the financial implications of modular housing: How much does it cost?
Councillor Peter Morgan, Portfolio Holder for Renewal, Recreation and Housing, London Borough of Bromley

14:20 – 14:55    Breakout Streams

How to get more homes allocated
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Leveraging technology to identify sites for allocation

  • Meeting the NPPF requirement requirement that small sites should make up ten percent of your housing allocation
  • How to use big data sets to identify small sites for local plan making
  • How to apply the technology to your planning strategy
Gordon Ingram, Director, VU.CITY
Jason Hawthorne, Director, VU.CITY
How to get more homes permitted
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Winning support for new house building by developing space that is socially inclusive, representative and contributes to inhabitants’ wellbeing

  • Designing communities that meet the needs of the local population
  • Creating housing that is inclusive to the elderly and disabled in line with the updated PPG
  • How can developers combat the issue of loneliness?
Jane Winfield, Head of Regeneration and Major Projects, Oxford City Council
Alex Robinson, Director of Development, Strategic Land, Grosvenor
How to get more homes delivered
  • Responding to the Letwin Review
  • What mechanisms can local authorities use to ensure private sector developers build out housing promptly?
  • How can local authorities ensure greater diversity of housing on large sites to speed up delivery?

14:55 – 15:25    Breakout Streams

How to get more homes allocated
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Technology as an enabler for a more strategic planning officer

  • Integrating technology to enable planning officers to be more strategic
  • Outlining the key benefits and success elements
  • Understanding the associated cost and ROI
Mathew Cain, Head of Digital and Data, London Borough of Hackney
Natalie Broughton, Acting Head of Planning and Building Control, London Borough of Hackney
How to get more homes permitted
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

Build to Rent – understanding the value proposition

  • What role can BTR schemes play in helping local authorities meet housing need?
  • Covering  the financial incentives of BTR for developers
  • How do you create a planning environment that is BTR friendly whilst ensuring good quality?
  • How to agree on an appropriate level of affordable housing in BTR schemes
Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy, British Property Federation
Alice Lester, Operational Director Regeneration, Growth and Employment, London Borough of Brent
How to get more homes delivered
Day 1
12 Nov 2019

How does the country deliver the full tenure of NPPF defined social housing?

Changes to the NPPF last year and the Government’s drive to see Rent to Buy fully integrated into the social housing mix have raised the importance of this tenure type. This session will explore the implications of these recent developments for planners who will need to view rent to buy products as more than an intermediate housing solution.
John Sneddon, Managing Director, Tetlow King Planning
Steve Collins, Chief Executive, Rentplus
Day 1
12 Nov 2019
15:25 - 15:45

Networking Break

Achieving Net Zero in the Green Belt

This session will explore the pros and cons of achieving net zero in New Settlements, Urban Extensions and Dispersed Settlement Strategies.
Jonathan Cage, Managing Director, Create Consulting Engineers Ltd

Panel discussion:Green belt allocations and permissions: when are they an appropriate method to meet the housing need and how do you secure them?

  • Outlining sentiment for greenbelt development according to the latest policy and appeal and court decisions
  • Understanding what constitutes the exceptional circumstances necessary for releasing Green Belt for housing
  • Exploring how exceptional circumstances have been successfully demonstrated in the past
  • Demonstrating special circumstances to win permission for green belt housing proposals
  • Building community support for greenfield development
Tracey Coleman, Director of Planning and Regeneration, Guildford Borough Council
Steffan Saunders, Head of Neighbourhood and Prosperity, Broxtowe Borough Council
Jim Bailey, Director, Planning, Pegasus
Chris Young, QC, No5 Chambers

Supporting sustainable growth – An Environment Agency perspective

  • How does the Environment Agency work with LPAs and Developers to create better places and environments?
  • Considering how development can become “climate ready” and resilient to the impacts of an increasingly changing environment
  • Moving beyond a ‘tick-the-box’ approach: How and why you need to go further than just minimising the impacts of development and ensure the right development in the right place at the right time
Hannah Hyland, Planning Specialist, Environment Agency

Deep Dive: Evaluating the impact of the forthcoming requirement for all consented development to show Biodiversity Net Gain

  • Understanding what this means for housing developers and planning authorities: when is a gain a gain?
  • What are the pitfalls to be aware of, and where can the benefits and opportunities be found?
  • Biodiversity offsetting and use of strategic land banks 
Dr Stephanie Wray, Managing Director, RSK Biocensus

Closing keynote:How are emerging social, economic and technological trends changing planning and community development?

  • How will land use change?
  • Exploring the key technological advances that planners need to be aware of to deliver future housing
  • What will the implication of electric vehicles and driverless cars be on plan systems and planning applications?
  • Aligning planning and house building with emerging placemaking trends
Scott Witchalls Director, Transport & Infrastructure, Peter Brett Associates