Planning For Housing 2020

The Agenda is currently being put together but please see the last edition of Planning For Housing which had a focus on the North and Midlands

*Please note that the agenda for this year’s event will be live as soon as possible

09:30 - 10:00

Welcome Remarks from Planning Resource Magazine & Explanation of Features of the Digital Platform

10:00 - 10:15

Welcome Remarks from Kings Chambers

10:20 - 10:55

Sebastian Tibenham, Executive Director, Pegasus Group


What are the planning aims in the North & Midlands? : A Look at the Liverpool City Region Strategic Plan

10:55 - 12:00

Ruth Stockley, Planning Barrister, King’s Chambers
Sam Stafford, Regional Strategic Land Director, Barratt Homes
Carol Matthews CBE, CEO, Riverside and Chair, H4N (Homes for the North)
Georgia Siora, Managing Director, Warwick Economics & Development
Louise Wyman, Design Lead, West Midlands Combined Authority
Sebastian Tibenham, Executive Director, Pegasus Group
(Moderator) Giles Cannock, QC, King’s Chambers

Panel Discussion

How can you prioritise the overwhelming number of challenges facing the planning sector in the north and midlands?

This panel discussion will take a macro look at challenges facing the planning sector in the north and midlands including: 

The Standard Methodology for Calculating Housing Need:

Does duty to co-operate work? Should we return to regional planning? Is the solution an all England Plan?

Is devolution the key to unlock the bottleneck of housing projects in the north and midlands?

Building the right homes in the right places: 

What is the implication of the ‘Building Beautiful Commission’ for planners and developers in the north and midlands?

What methods are Local Authorities using to ensure high-quality design of housing is secured at the plan-making stage?

The implications of the recent covid-19 crisis

Will the technology currently being used continue after the crisis has subsided? 

How can you be flexible with resourcing to ensure that post-crisis you are able to deal with the backlog?

12:00 - 13:15

Networking lunch break

Lunch Break as well as an opportunity for you to use the networking features of the digital app to chat to other attendees.

13:15 - 13:45

Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy, British Property Federation

Panel Discussion

Build to rent in the North and Midlands: How can local authorities continue to encourage growth of the build to rent sector outside of London and the South East?

How can you build housing that is affordable for the region rather than building to meet the national definition?

Would aligning mixed-use developments with wider placemaking objectives to enable growth?

Opportunities for developers: What are city-regional authorities doing to incentivise and ease development of build to rent?

13:50 - 14:30

Gary Day, Land and Planning Director, McCarthy & Stone
Stuart Garnett, Planning Director, Inspired Villages
(Moderator) Giles Cannock, QC, King's Chambers

Panel Discussion

Planning for housing for an ageing population: Where is policy failing in reality?

What are the responsibilities of planning authorities to meet the needs of an ageing population?

How do you create places that are suitable for mixed generational living?

What is the flexibility in existing housing stock to cope with an ageing population?


Close of Conference